Just so we get off on the right foot…

Please take the time to read over everything on my website. Our correspondence and time together will be much smoother and more pleasurable experience.

Things to do:

  • Arrive on Time

  • Treat me with respect and good manners

  • Please do not text me before 9am or after 9pm.

  • Please be freshly showered and have fresh breath

    • Shower and toiletries are available

  • Well groomed

  • Place the donation in plain sight

  • It’s ok to bring something to drink if the container is un-opened

  • When you arrive at my location, please call me

  • Use Discretion, as it is given and expected before, during, and after

  • Request time with me here

Things to NOT do:

  • DO NOT ask for a discount

  • DO NOT ask for a picture

  • DO NOT ask about services

    • I offer my time and companionship only

  • DO NOT use explicit language

  • DO NOT ask for me to meet you on my “off the clock” time

  • DO NOT discuss the appointment before, or after